August 13, 2015

[Release] Gokicha!! (2014-12)

Gokicha!! (2014-12): MF

Sorry for these several months of inactivity, we're not dead yet! We'll try to increase our pace, hopefully we can catch up with Gokicha and Petit-tan as soon as we can.

May 22, 2015

[Release] Petit-tan Chapter 30

Petit-tan Chapter 30: MF

Sorry for our one month of inactivity! Anyway, please enjoy the latest chapter of Petit-tan.

April 01, 2015

[Release] Gokicha!! (2014-11)

Gokicha!! (2014-11): MF
Gokicha!! (2014-11) - Cornish: MF
Gokicha!! (2014-11) - Duwang: MF

It's been a while, enjoy!

EDIT 1: Whoops, looks like I accidentally put up something weird, the download link is now fixed.

EDIT 2: April Fools! Did you rike it? In any case, the download links are now fixed, for real this time.

March 04, 2015

[Release] Naoko-san Chapter 09

Yuri Seijin Naoko-san Chapter 09: MF

We're getting pretty slow with our releases, I really hope we can speed our pace up. The next release should be another Petit-tan chapter.

EDIT: The next release is probably going to be another Gokicha chapter instead.

February 04, 2015

[Release] Naoko-san Chapter 08

Yuri Seijin Naoko-san Chapter 08: MF

Sorry for the month break! Anyway, this time it's the eighth chapter of Naoko-san, this chapter is the one from the other OVA.

December 25, 2014

[Release] Gokicha!! (2014-10)

Gokicha!! (2014-10): MF

We're having another Gokichamas this year, too! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from It's Magic Scans!

December 10, 2014

[Release] Petit-tan Chapter 28

Petit-tan Chapter 28: MF

It's been a while since our last Petit-tan chapter, here's another one!

November 19, 2014

[Release] Gokicha!! (2014-09) and Naoko-san Chapter 07

Gokicha!! (2014-09): MF
Yuri Seijin Naoko-san Chapter 07: MF

Pardon for our tardiness last week, as an apology, we have a double release for this week! First is our beloved moe-roach, it looks like she's in a pinch this time. The other is the perverted lesbian alien, Naoko-san.

Someone emailed me if we're still continuing with Free!, and the answer is yes, we're still gonna continue to scanlate it. Our very first release for Free! chapter 01 was on February 2014 and it's been 9 months since then without another release. We've just been so preoccupied with real-life stuff so it just slipped our mind, our apologies.